From Backyard Chickens to Apartment Hens: Fresh Eggs Laid in Your Living Room

From backyard chickens to clever chicken tunnels, TreeHugger has posted many an article on the revival of small-scale chicken keeping.

But what if you're into the idea of backyard chickens, but you've got no backyard?

Daily News New York reports that one Queens couple has a steady supply of fresh eggs right inside their one bedroom apartment:

The Serama hens, a small domesticated breed that typically weighs about a pound, nest in a converted ferret cage in the living room, McMinn said. They have the run of the apartment - except for the bedroom - and lay about two eggs each a week. They also have a litter box of sand so they can give themselves cleansing dust baths. But "they poop everywhere," said McMinn, who uses the droppings to fertilize the soil in nearby community gardens.

Whether or not this is a step forward will depend on your perspective. Given the appalling conditions on even some organic egg farms, there's little doubt that these indoor hens are better off than many of their fellow creatures. And as advocates for urban chicken keeping, it should be noted that these particular birds are taken outdoors to exercise regularly. But it's hard to imagine an indoor, residential environment as the best place to keep a hen.

Do we really need indoor hens, or is this locavorism gone too far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

From Backyard Chickens to Apartment Hens: Fresh Eggs Laid in Your Living Room
One Queens couple is raising egg-laying chickens in their one bedroom apartment. Is this locavorism gone mad?

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