Backyard Aquaponics: Issue 2 Now Available

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Online Aquaponics Magazine Gets a Makeover
As I’ve noted before, ‘aquaponics’ – the art of combining hydroponics and aquaculture – attracts a passionate and devoted crowd. And it’s no wonder. The prospect of raising high-quality protein efficiently while also producing fresh, nutritious vegetables is a tantalizing one, especially in these days of rising food prices and diminishing natural resources. Yet while some, like the The Urban Aquaculture Centre in Milwaukee, are pursuing large-scale aquaponics, there is still a strong DIY feel to the ‘scene’. When I interviewed Brian Naess of Snowcamp Aquaponics, he heaped praise on the fledgling magazine that we had featured before, Backyard Aquaponics. I’m sure then that Brian, and similar fish freaks from around the world, will be delighted to hear that issue 2 of Backyard Aquaponics is now available, and issue 3 should not be too far off either. Editor Joel Malcolm emailed to let me know that they’ve been working with a professional magazine designer (and aquaponics enthusiast) to clean up the look of the magazine, and have even redone issue 1 in the process. Read on for a table of contents:Backyard Aquaponics: Issue 2
Featured Aquaponic Systems:
- A South African System
- Jaymie’s System
This Issue’s Road Test:
- Google SketchUp
Settling in at the Fish Farm
By the Barbeque - Aquaponically Inspired Recipes
Fish Species for Aquaponics:
Questions and Answers:
- Healthy Fish are Happy fish: pt 2
What’s Happening Elsewhere in Aquaponics
Useful Publications and Websites

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