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After writing about the benefits of tap water over bottled water, we received some info from the folks at Back to the Tap™. They have a serious movement going on to get people, as their name indicates, "back to the tap." Citing the benefits of kicking the bottle, like reducing plastic waste, and shrinking your carbon footprint, this organization encourages people to stay away from bottled water and use the EPA-regulated clear liquid that flows from your faucets.

In light of this important step in greening your drinking water, the Back to the Tap people created a water bottle with a carbon composite filtering mechanism that will last approximately 3 months before it needs to be changed (or the equivalent of approximately 80 gallons). They estimate that it will effectively eliminate an average of 300 water bottles from going to landfills and as many as 1000 bottles per person per year. The end goal – reducing global plastic waste.
Additionally, every time you buy one of their water bottles, a $1 is donated to the Earth Share which supports environmental and conservation organizations that work in protecting the environment. Their vision is to engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

This looks like an interesting alternative to the big, bad bottle. It seems to work like a Brita water filter jug, but in a smaller version that you can take with you all the time. Good for the office and the car. And for places where tap water just doesn't taste as good (as many people have told us ) this should help make it a tastier option.

Have you tried this type of filtered water bottle? Tell us! We’re curious to here what you do.

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