Babycakes — The Most Indulgently Healthy Bakery in New York


Those New Yorkers on a strict New Year diet might want to look away now as I describe the most delicious cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and brownies that I have ever tasted! And yes I tasted all of them! Oh but if you were ever to break those dietary rules Babycakes is the place to do it! In fact by indulging yourself in this candy cute little café you might not be breaking the rules at all! The amazing thing about Babycakes is that their produce is free of so many bad ingredients you wonder how they make the cakes taste so good! Fully organic and vegan friendly the cakes are dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, nut free and egg free, for anyone with allergies this really is heaven! As someone who can’t eat wheat bakeries are usually places of torture for me, where I can smell but can’t touch. I am sure that many people on gluten free diets would agree that the alternatives out there are getting better, but usually they're a poor second to the real thing. Well the founder of Babycakes, Erin McKenna, is bringing true happiness to many people’s lives with her homemade recipes which use spelt flour or a mix of fava and garbanzo flour instead of wheat flour, agave nectar instead of white sugar and soy instead of dairy. I can testify to how difficult gluten free baking is to get right so I was delighted by Erin’s cakes which are second to none! For bakers who want to experiment at home I'm afraid to say that I was firmly assured that there's no Babycakes recipe book in the offing. But those outside New York will be pleased to hear there’s a mail order service, and for those outside the US well, you are just going to have make this a great excuse to visit New York! ::Babycakes

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