Awesome Time-Lapse Film Turning a Park into a Veggie Garden (Video)

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Image credit: Transition Bath

When I wrote about a solar warehouse in Baltimore, I noted that one of its biggest advantages was how visible it was from a nearby highway. A similar point could be made for a new vegetable garden in Bath, England, that overlooks a busy and unpleasant junction that is regularly snarled up with stuck commuters. This beautiful time-lapse video shows how ordinary residents turned a park into a food-producing billboard.

Nestled just on the edge of the city center, Hedgemead Park in Bath is a steeply sloped city park, with views onto a busy main road below it. That's probably why the Transition Bath group decided to adopt an unloved bed, and turn it into a community vegetable garden. And a pretty good looking one at that.

Much like the Colorado group growing food for homeless people in city parks, the idea of turning communal open spaces into food growing hubs is a powerful. Sure, the amount of food grown is unlikely to be huge—but the transformative power of providing workable, attractive and accessible models for greener, cleaner food production should not be underestimated.

And for anyone who happens to visit Bath and check this site out, be sure to wonder down Walcott Street and get a pint at The Bell. Great beer and great live music. This video made an Englishman in NC more than a little homesick.

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