Aveda - Soil to Bottle


Aveda is well known as being one of the forerunners for promoting ecological and sustainable attitudes in the beauty industry. We realise that Aveda products are not the cheapest on the market, and they do have their detractors, (see Aveda hair strips). However it must also be recognised that they, as a global business, are working hard to improve the sustainability of the beauty industry. It is their mission 'Soil to Bottle' which has caught our Treehugger eye recently. A project which aims to follow step by step the journey of the essential oils used in Aveda products, from where they are farmed to the moment they get put in a bottle. The objective is also to set up sustainable business partnerships with the producers of these precious ingredients so that not only do they benefit the consumer, but most especially the partenership with Aveda benefits the farmers and harvesters who work in the fields. The 'soil to bottle' catalogue tells us: "Sourcing these ingredients from traditional communities around the world allows Aveda to connect its mission on environmental and social responsibility with its industry."
Projects so far include Sandalwood from the Aboriginal Mardu peoples in Western Australia; Rose and Lavender from a local community in Bulgaria, The Babassu Nut from a group of women harvesters in Brazil, Brazil Nuts from the Tambopata community in the Peruvian Amazon and Geranium Rose from the farms of Dysseldorp in South Africa.
All these ingredients are farmed organically. You can read more about the business partnerships between these various indigenous communities and Aveda and find out more about Aveda's environmental policies on their web site. ::Aveda [Leonora & Petz]