Australians Revolt Against Live Exports & Industrial Cattle Farming

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Image credit: Wolf Web, used under Creative Commons license.

Discovering that their steaks may be stuck together with meat glue isn't the only thing turning Australians off their beef recently. And it's not just American cattle that are being subjected to horrific torture. There's a scandal brewing around the live export of Australian cattle to slaughter houses in Indonesia and the appalling conditions that the animals have to endure. That scandal seems to be causing an uptick in demand for producers who choose a different path.The BBC reports that Australian viewers were outraged by TV documentary footage of cattle slaughter in Indonesia, with animals being being whipped, slashed with knives and taking minutes to die. One expert suggested that some animals were actually butchered while still alive:

One official from the animal welfare group, the RSPCA, said some steers might still have been conscious when they were dismembered. The BBC's Sydney correspondent, Nick Bryant, says that many viewers who saw the gruesome footage said they were physically sick at the sight of Australian cattle being treated so cruelly.

The Australian government immediately placed a ban on exports to 11 slaughterhouses, with investigations pending into other facilities.

Meanwhile Australia's Sunday Telegraph newspaper reports that many Australian consumers are taking their custom to butchers and restaurants specializing in ethically raised meat. The article doesn't mention it, but it seems fair to assume that many are most likely opting for vegetarianism or veganism too.

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