Australian Community Foods - Eating Locally


A friend came visiting the other day, proffering this bag of goodies. But they weren't for me — she just wanted to borrow my fridge! On the way over, she'd observed a Farmers Market and couldn't resist stopping in, to pick up some fresh produce. For many urban Australians (the vast bulk of us) 'just by chance' will be their first encounter with a farmer and their wares. But there is an alternative. Australian Community Foods provide a website that allows you to search your local geographic area for: "Community Gardens, Growers and Farmers, Farmers' Markets, Local Food Retailers, Seed-saving Groups and People interested in local food." For example, I discovered my local suburb has a seed savers group, and the next suburb over has a community garden I was previously unaware of. The directory listings are added as user generated information, so may be a little eclectic. But this seems in keeping with the site's administrators who go by whimsical titles such as Department of Raspberries, Turbulence Coordinator, and Chocolate Advisor. Strangely though, for the recent swell of interest in local food, many of the sites sections like 'News', haven't been updated for a while. But still most worthy of a peek. ::Australian Community Foods.

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