Atlantium: Cleaning The Big Fish Bowl


If you are a lazy TreeHugger (like some of us) and eat unidentified fish sticks once and awhile, it might be good news to hear that there are companies working to make fish farms a little bit cleaner. Enter Atlantium. The Israeli-based company has developed a UV filter system already in use in Turkey to decrease the need for nasty fish antibiotics by about 90 percent.Atlantium's rep Larry writes TreeHugger: "Atlantium has invented something called Hydro-Optic disinfection, leveraging physics/hydro-optics and ultraviolet technology. Where regular, old-fashioned UV technology provided inconsistant results, Hydro-Optic disinfection kills microbes at >log 5, which essentially means that the system provides sterilized water."

One Atlantium client, Pinar, the largest food conglomerate in Turkey, says Larry, replaced 75 regular UV bulbs with a single Atlantium system in one of its fish hatcheries, increasing production of the two types of fish they grow by 50 and 100 percent, while reducing antibiotic use by 90 percent. Maintenance was reduced from 30 hours to less than one hour per month with hardly any downtime, all of which lead to significantly increased profits.

Tnuva, the largest dairy in the Middle East and an Atlantium client, has purchased two new units: one to act as a firewall for all process water entering their plant, and a second which is earmarked to replace pasteurizaion. See CNet story.

According to a story by Israel21c, Atlantium's UV-filter is ideal for cleaning up the aftermath left by natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

The company's approach, says Israel21c is different from the one used by traditional UV disinfection systems which have the source of the UV light in the water itself- an undesirable method for several reasons: the mercury which is used to generate the UV light could be dangerous if it leaks, and also the light source may heat the water slightly, which causes deposits to form in the water.

Atlantium's solution keeps the light source out of the water, and has a unique way of manipulating the UV light, which results in high disinfection rates. The water flows through Atlantium's specially-designed pipe, with the UV light source at one end behind a window made of quartz. The UV light is reflected through the window onto the water as it passes, without the need for the water flow to be stopped.

Clean water is needed by many industries, not just for the water that comes out of your faucet, says Israel21c. :: Atlantium :: Israel21c