Artists and Gadgets Help Slow Down Fast Food

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So the slow food movement isn't necessarily about literally slowing down...but in a way, it is. When we slow down, actually stopping to eat, we spend more time considering what it is we're putting in our bodies and might make better food choices. Not that it's the motive behind the Pop Up Lunch project, but it's certainly a potential green side effect. The art project props up street food eaters, so those grabbing a quick meal have a place to enjoy what they're eating. That, combined with another cool gadget could help fast food slow down and green up.

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Ali Pulver, the artist behind Pop Up Lunch NYC, states, "I am exploring how nontraditional public spaces - like sidewalks - might be easily transformed into lively places to lunch. This blog follows a series of Pop Up Lunches I have staged (some big, some small) and my development of mobile eating tools designed for the sidewalks of NYC.

Ultimately, I hope that my efforts might inspire even a handful of my fellow urbanites to reconsider the potential for lunch - to be a joyful daily event - and for the sidewalks of NYC to serve as more than just pathways."

That is an excellent way to transform city sidewalks into enjoyable gathering places.

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From hanging hammocks on chain link fences to magnetic mini tables on street light poles, pop up lunch places could be a big hit for urbanites who want to eat outside, but can't find a place to squeeze in and enjoy their meal.

Now combine that with another cool gadget we saw today at Red Ferret - the French press commuter mug.

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You can skip the unsustainable cuppa and instead, put your favorite organic shade-grown grounds into your mug, head out, and have a cup of freshly pressed coffee in a reusable mug along with your lunch.

Slowed down food. Or at least, much more fun.

The various prototypes are portable, and if you have your awesome travel mug, your portable eating platform, your To-Go ware, you're well set up to make even a fast lunch that much more sustainable.

Hey! you could even stop off at a pop-up garden to grab a few fresh herbs to season your meal. No? Did I go to far...?

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