Artfully Constructed, Eco-Chic Wine Bar Makes for a Greener Wine Tasting

Newton Wine Installation

photo: Newton Vineyards

When I first saw the image of this wine bar I could feel its pervasive hip factor. It just makes you want to sip on some biodynamic wine. And it proves once again that there is no need to sacrafice beauty for sustainability. This artistic wine "installation" definitely makes a statement.Newton Vineyards has introduced this wine installation to make a statement about the intermingling of wine production and nature. The 6-foot tasting bar incorporates some eco-chic features, including wooden segments reclaimed from oak wine barrels. The 300-year-old oak barrels come from a wine merchant in Bristol, England. The glass for the shelves has also been reclaimed -- it comes from an architectural construction site.

Newton Vineyards created this functional piece of wine art to make a statement about both the rustic and modern characteristics of the vineyard for which it was originally designed. The wine bar was left rustic and unsanded to illustrate the countryside estate side of Newton, also known for natural unfiltered wines. But the wine bar is also truly modern with sexy lines and unexpected construction to emphasize the vineyard's progressive nature.

Designer Claire Danthois constructed five different installations. A couple will remain at the estate, while another will travel as an exhibit to New York City, London, and Tokyo. One of the bars will be sold at auction with an estimated price of $20,000. The proceeds will benefit Global Green.

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