Are you bored of lunch? Try locaLunch!

Do you rush to the same sandwich shop every day? Gobble down what you had yesterday and the day before that? Then hurry back to work just in time to make your deadline? Some days do you even skip lunch for fear of not having enough hours in the day? Well a recent design graduate from Goldsmiths College, London, has designed a prototype business model which might be able to change the way we lunch, or rather don’t lunch, as the case may be.locaLunch aims to provide an efficient, healthy, eco-friendly, packed lunch service. They will deliver a freshly made meal of your choice straight to your doorstep each morning, before you leave for work.
Their website essentially provides a bespoke service where you can create your own food profile, specifying your preferred foods and dietary requirements. You are then able to order your lunches from an extensive seasonal menu that changes every two months.

locaLunch’s model is built using central London as its target area. (It could of course be adapted to different cities.) They propose to use local produce from around the UK, sourcing as much as possible from the city farms dotted in and around The Greater London area. Organic produce will be used where it is appropriate and available. Furthermore, they will ensure that ingredients, which have to be imported, such as sugar and chocolate, are Fair Trade products.
locaLunch also aims to be a carbon neutral service by using electric cars and vans to transport the food ingredients and bicycle rickshaws to deliver the lunches from the local kitchen situated in your area, to your doorstep. Any additional food miles built up by imported produce will be redressed through Future Forests’s tree planting projects.
And if all this isn’t enough, a special re-usable lunch box, made entirely from eco-friendly materials, has been designed to contain your locaLunch. The conveniently portable box not only keeps food cool and fresh all day, but also folds out into a table cloth which is useful for picnicking in the park or, if needs be, for preventing those crumbs getting stuck in your keyboard when you are chained to your desk!

So if you have no idea about how many miles your daily sandwich has travelled, who has made it, or where the ingredients come from, maybe its time for a change? To find out more about the amazing possibilities of locaLunch please contact ::Petz Scholtus [LEO]