Aquaponics Grows Up? Worldwide Aquaculture Plans Major Facilities

Proposed commercial aquaponics facility of worldwide aquaculture image

Proposed aquaponics facility at Lorain, Ohio. Image credit: Access to Aquaponics

There might be some debate right now as to whether aquaponics can be regarded as organic, but that hasn't stopped Bevan Suits, whose Access to Aquaponics starter kits I wrote about last year, from keeping busy. In fact, Access to Aquaponics has just announced a major partnership to bring aquaponics into the mainstream. Plans include launching a 55,000 square foot greenhouse facility to act as an entrepreneurial aquaponics incubator, not to mention converting a large industrial site north of Cleveland, OH into a commercial aquaponics operation (proposed plans shown above). But the new company won't be neglecting home-scale aquaponics either.
Besides creating large-scale aquaponics applications that intend to establish aquaponics as a viable industry, the partnership, known as Worldwide Aquaponics, will also be developing home-scale aquaponics kits and running a series of workshops and webinars. Worldwide Aquaponics has also acquired the rights to Access to Aquaponics and their online publication—The Aquaponics Guidebook.

Besides Mr Suits, who is well known as an advocate of aquaponics, the other half of Worldwide Aquaponics is Dr. Wayne Dorband, who has a Phd in aquaculture and has worked on ventures including; riparian vegetation nursery production, tilapia production in geothermal water, ornamental fish production, aquaculture in power plant effluents (yes, that's what the press release says!), and retail fish sales. Crucially, Dr Dorband is also known for his work in industrial brownfield property development.

As the need for new ways to feed ourselves with minimal fossil fuel inputs becoming ever more apparent, I look forward to seeing how this partnership develops.

worldwide aquaculture aquaponics incubator greenhouse photo

Dr. Wayne Dorband at the greenhouse site north of Boulder, CO. Image credit: Access to Aquaponics
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