With Off-the-shelf-Systems, Aquaponic Gardening is Getting Easier to do at Home

backyard aquaponics photoBackyard Aquaponics/Video screen capture

From roofless, rainwater-harvesting towers of basil to the Urban Aquaponics of Growing Power, I've been writing about aquaponics—or the symbiotic combination of aquaculture and hydroponics&mdash in order to raise fish and vegetables together in a recirculating system;for some time now.

While we've occasionally seen off-the-shelf aquaponics solutions marketed, it has remained mostly the preserve of either hobbyists, small farmers or DIY hackers and survivalists.

Until now.

backyard aquaponics photoBackyard Aquaponics/Video screen capture

The TV segment below was created for a show called Home in W.A. in Western Australia. And while the style of the broadcast does smack a little too much of infomercial for my tastes, what is important here is that it's aimed firmly at a mainstream, I-want-an-easy-solution-that-works crowd. And that angle has great potential to expand the uptake of aquaponics beyond the hardcore enthusiasts.

The store featured in the segment belongs to Backyard Aquaponics, whose aquaponics magazine we have featured here on TreeHugger before. I'd love to hear of any other retail stores offering off-the-shelf aquaponics equipment to the mainstream public. Let us know in the comments below.

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