Anson Mills: Heirloom Grains Like Mama Used to Grow

Anson Mills Corn

Now we’re all about tasty organic baked goods like Liz Lovely’s cookies, but sometimes nothing beats creating your own. But say you are creating your own ginger cookies, for example, where should you get your flour from? Assuming there’s not a good source of locally milled flour nearby, our American readers could do a lot worse than ordering their flours and grains from Anson Mills, purveyors of the finest heirloom varieties of grits, cornmeal, rice, flour, oatmeal, buckwheat and farro. The concept and values behind the company are certainly right up TreeHugger’s alley. Started back in 1998 by Glenn Roberts, Anson Mills was always intended to be a catalyst for recreating the ingredients and recipes of the past that were in danger of disappearing for ever:

The cuisine was gone, the ingredients that inspired it no longer available. You might ask why anyone cared. Glenn cared for a lot of reasons. He cared because the dishes his mother described during her girlhood in Aiken, South Carolina could no longer be prepared. He cared because each time he was asked to create a period dinner for an historic project the ingredients weren't around. He cared because local growers lacked the experience to grow old varieties. He cared because he knew this food had been exceptional.

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