Another Community Supported Fishery Makes Waves

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Some time back I wrote about Walking Fish, a student-pioneered Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program, and Jeff covered how one fisherman was staying afloat by launching his own CSF initiative. Like Community Supported beer, Bakeries and Farms, CSF's are designed to foster a direct, lasting relationship between fishing communities and consumers. And they seem to be taking off. Yesterday my wife and I enjoyed some of the freshest flounder I have ever tasted, courtesy of Core Sound Seafood—a CSF initiative that is selling shares of fresh, North Carolina seafood to foodies in the Triangle region of the State. The prices are not cheap—but with the decline of small fisheries you wouldn't expect them to be. Shares go as high as $450 for 10 weekly deliveries at 4lbs each, or $225 for a half share. Bi-weekly delivery options are also available, meaning that the lowest price commitment comes out at $112.50 for 5 deliveries.

While we are not (yet) subscribers, we are lucky enough that our local food co-op has been carrying produce (and fantastic recipe cards) from Core Sound Seafood. I confess that I am somewhat picky when it comes to seafood, and eat a mostly meat- and fish-free diet anyway, so I may keep enjoying my seafood in individual purchases. But for those who can't live without flounder, blue fish, shrimp, scallops, crab and more on a regular basis, a CSF seems like a great way to connect directly with small, independent fishing operators, and get the freshest catch in the process.

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