Animal Visuals Gives Bird's Eye View of Factory Farm Cage

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This is one part cool, one part gut wrenching. They say you can only understand someone when you walk a mile in their shoes. Well, can you understand a factory-farmed chicken better if you're shoved in a cage with six others? Animal Visuals turns you into a chicken and puts you inside a coop at a factory farm so you can look around for yourself.

As you scan around the interactive display from Animal Visuals (hat tip to Planet Save), the screen displays facts about factory farming that make you think twice about where that chicken breast you're grilling up came from.

It's an interesting use of computer graphics for getting people to realize just how bad a factory farm can be, and yet doesn't go overboard on the gross-out factor, which could make people discount the experience.

There is also a crazy graphic illustrating the rate of slaughter for chickens, pigs and cows:

This is just the first of what will likely be several more interactives and infographics by creator Mark Middleton.

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