Anglesey Sea Salt Co. is Soil Association Certified

Thought I might've found our first Welsh TH product post, but no, we've been there once or twice already. Anyhow, Halen Môn is a traditionally harvested sea salt, that is processed free of additives and contaminants in such a fashion that it has been awarded the coveted Soil Association 'Certified Product' Status. The SA is the preeminent organic certifing body in the UK, but as salt is not an agriculture product it can't strictly be called 'organic', so this is the next best thing. Halen Môn retains the "natural trace elements that are present in seawater. Principally, these are magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine..." Anglesey Sea Salt Co. suggest that common table salt normally has the additives magnesium carbonate and sodium hexacyanoferrate II, which although help keep the salt dry, mean the trace elements are less readily absorbed by the body. They further observe that many peoples intake of salt is 3 times that of what the body needs. ::Anglesey Sea Salt Company.