Angelina Jolie and Kids Love to Eat Crickets


Image: Still from Angelina Jolie's Journey to Cambodia

Angelina Jolie has inadvertently (or perhaps by design) added "Ambassador for Insect Proteins" to her credentials as a do-gooder. In an interview about her Louis Vuitton ad (you remember, the one that redefines the term "no makeup"), Jolie recounts how her kids eat crickets "like Doritos".

The full video can be seen below.Saying "My boys love to eat crickets," Jolie tells how she wanted her children to appreciate the aspects of adopted son Maddox's culture, so she bought a go-box of crickets. It lead to so much cricket consumption that mom had to crack down for health's sake.

On her return to Cambodia for the filming, "as soon as we landed, we had a friend bring us two to-go boxes full of crickets and we all sat in the car eating them."

The Jolie-Pitt diet does not stop at crickets. Jolie continues: "We've had 'the beetle.' They call it a 'cockroach', I think it's more like a beetle. I have yet to have the taratulas on a stick ('I don't know if I can get around the fur', she adds later) or spider soup here."

Okay, she is wearing makeup, we all know it. And I know you hate getting sucked into a viral ad for a luxury item set in an environment of extreme poverty, so here are some hints:

  • Jolie starts talking crickets at about 6:07
  • Click past the opening still and you won't see a Vuitton product until after 8:42.

Take Jolie's advice: "You've gotta try everything."

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