An Edible Schoolyard in Durham: How Kids Grow (Video)

edible schoolyard montessori school photo

We're big fans of edible schoolyards. From Alice Waters' original edible schoolyard efforts in California to one school's garden in the arid deserts of Arizona the concept is reconnecting kids with their food and each other. Kids in my neck of the woods are getting their hands dirty too, and they've even created a great video to show the world the fruits of their labors.The video of the George Watts Montessori edible schoolyard, created by Durham Public Schools Channel 4, shows how students have been learning how to plant seeds and grow their own food. The students have also teamed up with local chef Mark Day to transform their work into meals and teach them how to cook in their first "Seed to Table" event.

As Mark Day says, "if one kid out of the 400 here plants a tomato next summer, it will have been worth it."

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