Amazing Panoramic View of Rooftop Farm In Toronto

rooftop garden royal york toronto cn tower

From panorama of Royal York roof by Tony Makepeace

TreeHugger has noted before that Rooftop farms are the growing thing. One of the first we showed was on top of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, where executive chef David Garcelon grows tomatoes, edible pansies, thyme, lavender, chives and different kinds of basil. (And he raises bees, too)

rooftop garden royal york toronto photo td center

Screenshot from Panorama, with Mies Van Der Rohe's TD Centre in background

Toronto photographer Tony Makepeace is the Panoramaist for the Torontoist, and visited the roof. The technology lets you walk around, look at the plants and see Toronto. Try it here at Torontoist.

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