Amazing and Crazy Water Collection Methods

dog carrying water in plastic bottle photo

Image: Flickr, Sister72
What better way to start an homage to the amazing and crazy inventions for collecting water than modern plastic bottle proliferation? Because plastic bottles are crazy. Paying for water in little bottles is insane, if you consider the clean water flowing practically free from the tap in developed countries. Consumption of vast quantities of water in vessels that go straight to waste and never biodegrade: the archeologists of the future will certainly file this under "crazy." Yet it is amazing that we have an infrastructure that can turn millions of barrels of oil into bottles to deliver freshly melted glacier and other exotic waters to a store near you!

But bottled water is just a small facet of of faux-faucet devices. Human survival depends upon water. And the methods humans have developed to collect water for everyday needs can be amazing, and sometimes crazy. Enjoy a look at the fun and frustrations, and downright ingenuity, of water collection in this series of images.

Amazing and Crazy Water Collection Methods
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