Alnatura — Meaningful for Humankind and the Earth


A little over 20 years ago, a company commenced business in Germany with the intent of selling 'natural' food. Within a few years they were doing just that, their organic (or ‘bio’ as it is simply known in Deutschland) food sales spreading throughout the country. Today, echoing the global growth in organic agriculture, they have 22 stores in 17 cities, including major metropolises like, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. For ten years Alnatura also operated a vegetarian restaurant and catering service in Karlsruhe, under the name Viva. Their website still offers recipes for yummy sounding veggie meals. Oh, yeh their current ‘fruit of month’ has the Arabic derived name, meaning fingers — banana. As part of their more than 5,000 natural products on the shelves of their stores, they stock 600 foodstuffs of their own brand. These appear to contain 100% organic ingredients. Also there's a line of kids organic cotton apparel from the biodynamically farmed Sekem community in Egypt. ::Alnatura