AirPod: A Personal Air Purifier from Blueair


AirPod is a svelte "personal air purifier" that cleans 45 cubic air per minute, weighs less than 2 lbs. and looks great doing it. According to manufacturer Blueair, AirPod "uses approximately 60% less material to manufacture, 50% less packaging and 85% less energy than other air purifiers with comparable performance. It also runs on less than five watts of power where other units require 40 watts. No chemicals are used on the filter or elsewhere and no ozone by-products are released from the unit. In addition, all components and the packaging are 100% recyclable." It works by combining mechanical and electrostatic filter technology with a quiet fan that draws air through the "HEPASilent" filter, where negatively charged particles cling to the fibers. Air then passes through the docking station that contains an ionizer which charges particles in the air. "The AirPod concept was born from the idea that people want to breath cleaner air wherever they happen to be," says Bengt Rittri, president and founder of Blueair. "We set out to create a portable personal air purifier that is highly effective, extremely compact, eco-friendly and good looking. We also took into consideration the fact that people want to personalize their gadgets and appliances." Striking resemblance to a certain ubiquitous consumer electronic notwithstanding, we like the design and the statistics supporting its function; has anyone had an encounter with one? Please feel free to let us know how well they work in the comments section below. ::AirPod via ::MoCo Loco