Adelaide Uni Breeds Super-Foods

The plot with the twist in the tale. The University of Adelaide's Agricultural Research Institute is developing "super crops". Food with increased nutrients or vitamins built in. The Philippines have already benefited from rice with extra iron and South Africa has seen a Vitamin A boosted sweet potato. Peru might get a fortified potato and Northern Indian a supercharged wheat for Chapatis. What makes this program different from many we hear about is that there is zilch, nada Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs) involved. No, to assist the estimated 800 million people starving daily, and 24 mil who die from malnutrition yearly, the Australian scientists are simply using ages-old selective breeding techniques and they want the seeds to be available to poor subsistence farmers to store for future planting seasons. They feel that agriculture has become too focused on production and industry, not its core role of nutrition. What a breath of fresh air, to hear that. ::via ABC Radio National