Add Iceland to Your Cake With Cooking Stencils

coffee herbert photo

Photo: Megan Herbert

You could make your regular morning cappucino (skimmed milk, please) like you always do. Or you could get a little espresso powder, shake it over a Megan Herbert stencil and sip your foam through a woodland scene.

Or sift some chocolate through one of the stencils onto a cake for tea. No flat surface is immune to decoration...

cake herbert photo

Photo: Megan Herbert

Megan Herbert is based in Iceland, so her themes are woods and snow and horses and knitting for a cold winter's night.

stencil herbert photo

Photo: Megan Herbert

The idea is so simple and the stencils are so simple. Sold in sets of two, they are intricately cut by lasers. No more boring decorations on cakes and coffees.

wrap paper photo

Photo: Megan Herbert, Respiration

Need to wrap a gift? She does wrapping paper too, with designs that represent the elements: circulation, skeletal, digestion and respiration. The colours range from a deep red to rich green and warm browns. Her eccentric collection comes with matching bows and tiny little gift tags, and the whole range is designed and printed in Iceland on reclaimed deadstock.

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