Abagil: Hummus That's Organic

Organic food restaurants in Israel are rare, but growing in popularity. Like bread may be for Europeans, no Israeli can survive any great length of time before needing to eat humus. Not considered "real food" really, hummus is what you eat be derech (along the way), spread like butter on sandwiches, or on Friday mornings hours before indulging in a Sabbath feast at one of your friend's Persian grandmother's house. It goes without saying that the award to the best hummus in Israel goes to Abu Hasan, prepared by an Arab-Israeli family from Jaffa. Hot on Hasan's heels is Aba Gil, a Jewish lad who has set up the first organic hummus shop and pita baking seminars close to the trendy Electric Garden fashion district in South Tel Aviv. (Abu is Arabic for father; father is Aba in Hebrew) Yehuda Halevi 55, Tel Aviv. ::Abagil If you've dropped into the Holy Land for a few days and are looking for some more creative organic food, try Humanature, the first official organic restaurant in Israel. LoveEat cafes also carry a selection of organic foods and coffee as does the restaurant at Bayit Banamal.

By the way, the rumor is that like miso soup, some Israelis claim hummus is good for the breasts. Try it for yourself. As Gil scoops humus into your pita pocket don't be surprised when he proclaims, "It's organic". Abagil's menu (in Hebrew) ::Abagil