A Trip to Italy and Michael Pollan, Too

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I can see the allure of a beach vacation if you lead a high-powered life and you need a week to stretch out and do nothing but read and swim and drink fancy cocktails. Personally, I like some intellectual stimulation when I travel. I want to learn something about the place I'm visiting, and possibly about myself. Here's an amazing sounding trip where you get the beauty of Tuscany, spectacular food by an award winning chef, and lectures by TreeHugger favourite, Michael Pollan.Luxury Agriturismo La Petraia and Trufflepig Travel Inc. are launching what they call The Petraia Sessions in which 8 people can join a celebrated chef or author for 5 days of "cooking classes, unique excursions and thought-provoking discussions". The first guest of the series will be the award-winning author Michael Pollan. That session will be held at La Petraia from July 13 to July 18th.

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Those of you who follow TreeHugger and Planet Green or are interested in food will know the work of Michael Pollan. I've heard him speak live, and he is as funny, engaging and brilliant in person as he is in his writing. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with Pollan learning about food and the environment and food and politics.

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If you are interested in cooking classes with a great chef, then you might look ahead to October when Jamie Kennedy will be at La Petraia. I've been following Kennedy's career in my home town of Toronto for pretty close to thirty years. He was cooking magnificent local, seasonal food since the beginning, years before it was fashionable.I have his cookbook, I've eaten in all his restaurants, his food at local fundraising events, I've even hired him to cater an event myself.

All that and you get a magnificent place to stay.

La Petraia is a unique Tuscan hideaway, an organic farm set high in the Chianti Mountains in the heart of Tuscany’s oldest wine region, the Chianti Classico zone. Owned and operated since 2001 by chef and award-winning author Susan McKenna Grant and her husband Michael Grant, the 900 year old property has been fully restored, brought back to agricultural life and offers luxury accommodation and fine dining.

For information regarding the trip contact Jack Dancy at jack@trufflepig.com at Trufflepig Travel Inc.

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