A to Z of Backyard Footprints by Gardening Australia


Gardening Australia is an institution. A TV show that has propagated a magazine and annual garden fair, and even spin-off magazine, the Organic Gardener. Their online presence is slim but informative. From the October 2007 edition of the main mag they provide a delightful A to Z guide for greening your footprint - starting, as they say, right in your own backyard. Here is a taster, using the leter J as an example. (below the fold we give the headings for each of the other letters.)

"J is for Journey. Sustainability is not a destination — it's a journey. It's easy to start with a rush of enthusiasm and then backslide. Keep looking for new and innovative ways to reduce your energy needs and increase water efficiency. Every small thing you do to benefit the environment adds up, even if it's simply shredding your junk mail for composting. Be realistic too. You may not be able to afford a solar hot water system now — but maybe next year." ::Gardening AustraliaA is for Air conditioning
B is for Biodiversity
C is for Compost
D is for Drying space
E is for Environmental weeds
F is for Food production
G is for Greywater
H is for Hard surfaces
I is for Indigenous plants
J is for Journey
K is for Keeping chooks
L is for Lawns
M is for Material choices
N is for Natural pest control
O is for Organic gardening
P is for Permiculture [sic]
Q is for quitting your bad habits
R is for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
S is for Solar power
T is for Tanks
U is for Understanding your environment
V is for Vertical space
W is for Water conservation
X is for Xeriscape gardening
Y is for You can make a difference
Z is for Zero emissions

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