A Taste of VT with Wolaver's Organic Beer

Otter Creek is a popular beer here in the Northeast and we recently discovered that they brew a few organic flavors as well. Under the name Wolaver's, these certified organic beers are made with pure Vermont water, certified organic malts and hops, and their special house yeast. According to the website, Wolaver's is the #1 organic beer in the country and it looks like they have a pretty wide distribution covering all of the Northeast, down to Texas and out to California. Currently the India Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Pale Ale (our favorite) are available year round with Oatmeal Stout and Wit Bier offered as special releases. We like the 100% organic cotton t-shirts that they sell on the website as well with phrases like "Enjoy Organic" and "Tall, Dark, Organic." There's even a great recipe on the site for Organic Cheese & Beer Bread — yum! ::Wolaver's/Otter Creek Brewing