A Subscription Snack Box Program Will Have You Eating Healthier Without Trying

lollihop box© Lollihop

Whether or not you think snacking is a serious problem behind overeating, or a healthy way to keep up energy throughout the day and avoid going overboard at meal times, snacks are a part of daily life for most people. The real challenge is making sure those snacks are healthy and organic. There's a new start-up in San Francisco that has taken the model of monthly subscription boxes and applied that to our snacking habits.

Lollihop is run by Suzanne Xie, Tamara Lucero-Rajaram M.D., and Craig Ferguson. The team focuses on finding the healthiest, most delicious, and most natural snacks around, and create boxes of the best finds to be sent out on a monthly basis to subscribers. Not only does the COO have a medical degree, but they also consult with nutritionists and have every snack choice tested out by their staff. They state, "Our team of nutritionists have a set of guidelines that they check every ingredient and company against, and if the label doesn't provide enough information, you can bet they will go directly to the source to find their answer. Snacks are hand-chosen for flavor, quality, nutrients, texture, and that thrilling something extra that great food always has."

lollihop box© Lollihop

Each month has a theme -- for instance, January's theme is "Being lean" and February's is "Heart healthy." A box includes eight snacks, and members can sign up for monthly, six-month or annual memberships with prices that range from about $19 a month to $23 a month (shipping is free). I've bought a few of the snacks they include (I'm a major, major fan of Gnu bars) and can vouch that these are reasonable prices for the quality and deliciousness of the snacks you'd be getting each month -- some of which can be difficult or impossible to find in local stores.

The site states that "along with our box filled with a diverse selection of wonderful snacks, you'll also get tips and articles from our nutritionist to explain how to best incorporate the snacks into your day and feel better about how you eat everyday."

This seems like a really clever idea for trying out new snacks and discovering what healthy snacking looks and tastes like -- and what you get in your box may go a long way in influencing what you buy when you shop on your own. I also am a big fan of the subscription box idea. It's like a little present coming to your door every month, and you don't have to put any effort into it.

Lollihop is getting momentum at a great time of year too -- a subscription could be a smart gift for a foodie or snack-er in your family to give them something new and interesting to try out every month.

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