A Safer Sippy for Your Little Green Angels

A little expectant mother bird sent us this website yesterday for The Safe Sippy by Kid Basix. This is a great new and greener approach for kids that are starting to drink on their own. It keeps contact between water and plastic to a minimum and all their plastics are certified free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and DEHA. The bottle itself is stainless steel and pretty sleek looking.

The straw shaped spout is said to be better for little growing mouths and speech development while also being spill safe. The wee handle has nubs on it for little hands and can be taken off when no longer needed. This feature also extends the life cycle of the product and subsequently helps reduce its overall impacts. This sippy cup looks like it was made with lots of heart and a green conscience.

We also took into consideration the fun stuff, like hands - little hands, messy hands, hands that can't quite hold onto big things yet; the developing mouths and speech abilities of growing infants; children's desire to look at bright, colorful objects; children's propensity for turning food delivery systems into projectiles...and other stuff as well.

Check out their site for a complete run down of all the safer features on this modern version of the cup for kids or bookmark it for your next green baby shower. Check out our TH Guide on :How to Green Your Baby. Image Copyright Kid Basix.

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