A Picture Is Worth... Want To Be Thinner & Healthier? Live Near Farmer's Markets & Eat Your Fruit


Image from Practice Fusion via MindBodyGreen

Another facet of the US' national weight crisis and horrendously skewed food production and distribution system: MindBodyGreen is highlighting an interesting infographic showing the linkage between body mass index, density of farmer's markets and levels of fresh fruit consumption. In short the states with the highest density of farmer's markets and highest levels of fruit consumption also happen to be among the states with lowest average BMI. Those states with the lowest average BMI: North Dakota, Hawaii, Vermont
Highest fruit consumption: California, Vermont, New York
Most farmer's markets: Vermont, North Dakota, Iowa

View the graphic large here: BMI in America: lower BMI linked to fruit consumption and farmer's market density

Interesting to note and bucking the trend this whole graphic is trying to convey: Iowa may have high farmer's market density, but ranks in the bottom of fruit consumption and is in the top ranks of obesity.

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