A Picture is Worth: Factory Farms in US Mapped in Their Polluting, Graphic, Gory Detail

factory farms in united states map

As you could probably guess, the darkest red is the highest density of factory farms, and is based on data from 2007 (the newest available). Above are all the different kinds of factory farms together; scroll down for individual farm types. All images: Factory Farm Map

A couple days ago Rachel reported on how factory farms have grown 20% in size since just 2005. That was based on data from Factory Farm Map, and is shocking enough in its expository form, but if that stat didn't grab you perhaps the maps themselves will. On their site there's lots of interactivity in them--you've got the ability to search by state and highlight just cattle farms, chickens, pigs, etc--but even the static images have some serious impact:Here's where the US' factory cattle farms are:

factory farmed cattle united states map

Dairy farms:

factory farmed dairy united states map


factory farmed pigs united states map


factory farmed chickens united states map

And, eggs:

factory farmed eggs united states map

Here's a sample of the sort of detail you can get on a state and county level. The small blue dots are meat processing plants:

factory farms in united states map detail image

View all the maps in their interactive glory: Factory Farm Map
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