A Little Toilet Humor: Powerloo, The Flushable, Outside Dog Toilet

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Sometimes finding humor in life is as easy as checking into some of the news being featured around the nation. Today's humorous news bit comes from a story published yesterday in the Chicago Tribune titled, "What to do with doggy doo _ how 'bout a Powerloo?"

The article proceeded to describe the health problems and environmental eye-sore associated with outdoor animal defecation. The solution offered, outdoor, flushable doggy toilets going for just under $1,000 a pop (not including the price of a heated unit for cold weather climates)...When the Price of Green is just Too Brown
The Powerloo is nothing new really. Similar products have been pushed on consumers for a number of years now. Each one touting its ability to help lower the carbon footprint of both you and your pet.

Apparently, when in doubt of your level of eco-friendliness, your nearest and most wallet-lightening option is to humanize your pet. Each year American's swallow a number of jagged eco-tainted pills, each one plentifully greenwashed to aid in getting them down easier.

It is true that it is not good karma to leave your beloved dog's "presents" all around the neighborhood. Rainwater can wash them into various waterways where they can lead to contamination. On that same token, sealing them in plastics bags where they are entombed in a landfill for the rest of their life is not such a green idea either.

What to Do with Your Doggies Doo Doo?
But we have to ask ourselves as responsible pet owners, is adding to the millions of gallons of water flushed down each year really the best solution? One of the most practical solutions to dealing with pet waste is through composting. It leaves no "bombs", no bags, and uses very little water in the process.

Let's face it, most families have enough issues with using more water than they should, without adding one more member of the family to the roster. So, how do you (should we) deal with the doggy doo doo dilemma?

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