A Gulf Fisherman Struggles for Economic Survival (Video)

gulf fisherman struggles for survival photo

Image credit: The Perennial Plate

Oil seems to be a double curse for the fishermen of the Gulf Coast. Not only are they dealing with the devastating fallout of the BP oil spill, but they are struggling to keep up with ever-rising fuel costs too. Having already visited the awesome urban farmers of New Orleans, Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine of the Perennial Plate continued the Louisiana leg of their road trip with a boat ride courtesy of Sinh Pham -- a Vietnamese shrimp fisherman struggling to get by with low dock prices, high fuel costs, and a dramatic decrease in catch.

The Perennial Plate Episode 58: Oil and Water from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Much like the Perennial Plate's previous episodes on everything from alternative dairy farming to hunting and eating roadkill, the video is a great mix of beautiful videography; thoughtful, unobtrusive interviewing; and some simple but delicious-looking cooking too.

While we're not offered any concrete solutions for either restoring the Gulf fishing industry, nor reviving the long-suffering oceans, we are given a vivid reminder that our ongoing trashing of the natural world has very real, very significant economic and human fallout.

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