A Guide to Sustainable Shellfish & Seafood (Slideshow)

king crab legs

A King Crab in Puget Sound, Washington. Credit: Discovery Communications, LLC

Having waitressed on the coast of Maine, I've seen my fair share of lobsters, clams, salmon, and this too-close-for-comfort King crab. And while most chowhounds down these dishes without giving the bigger picture of sustainability much thought, considerate 'Huggers can't help but wonder if the tasty morsels are helping or harming ocean ecosystems. For that reason, we've put together this handy visual guide to sustainable seafood options, so when it comes time to order dinner, you'll know which menu items will satisfy your stomach without endangering at-risk animals such as sharks, Atlantic cod, grouper, Atlantic bluefin tuna, and Chilean sea bass. So put your mind where your mouth is, and tuck into

A Visual Guide to Sustainable Seafood Options

A Visual Guide to Sustainable Seafood Options

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