A Glimpse Into The White House and a Discussion About the Way Our Nation Looks at Food (Video)

We at TreeHugger were thrilled when the White House announced earlier this year that they would be planting the first garden since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden. And now in the second installment of Inside the White House: The Garden, we're equally delighted with this year's harvest.Michelle Obama and Head White House Chef Sam Kass just released the second installment of Inside the White House and the video is actually a wealth of knowledge on the historical background of food in this nation.

Heirlooms From Monticello
Paying homage to one of the first farmers in the country to understand seasonal farming, Mr. Thomas Jefferson himself, the seeds in the garden came straight from Peter Hatch, the head gardener at Monticello. Historically, the White House, hasn't had any garden onsite since World War II, and the Victory Garden as it's named, didn't really produce a harvest at all. Historical records show real problems getting the garden off the ground. Not so with this White House Garden. The farm has been rather successful. To date it has produced 200 pounds of food. The video documents what goes into tilling the land on this organic garden including using local Chesapeake Bay crab meal for nitrogen and calcium.

Molding the Adults of Tomorrow
One theme that ran throughout the video was Michelle Obama's emphasis on her children. "It's not what you want them to be today but who you want them to be tomorrow," she said.

Well said if you ask me. At TreeHugger and Planet Green we feel it's crucial to mold the kids of today into the little green gurus of tomorrow and I applaud the Obamas for setting this example.

Video Via Huffington Post
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