A Designer Plum That Can Spare You From Cancer?

Are you the kind of person who hates eating fruit? Maybe with the help of genetic engineering you can eat less and reap all the benefits. The question is -- are you willing to trade the risks of genetic engineering for the goodness that designer fruit offers? Scientists from Ben-Dor Fruits company in Israel have unveiled a genetically- engineered plum that packs a punch of 4 times the cancer-inhibiting anti-oxidants found in pomegranate seeds. One of their plums is called the Lamoon Plum — "it looks like a moonlit lemon," says the company website. Others are the Plumagranate or the Shark's Tooth plum (pictured). Ben-Dor's plums were showcased at Israel's international agricultural exhibition Agro-Mashov this month at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. Besides the plum, other new fruits and vegetables "designed" for better health were also exhibited. Would you take a bite out of one? ::Haaretz

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