A Designer Plum That Can Spare You From Cancer?

shark_teeth_pack%284%29%20treehugger.jpgAre you the kind of person who hates eating fruit? Maybe with the help of genetic engineering you can eat less and reap all the benefits. The question is -- are you willing to trade the risks of genetic engineering for the goodness that designer fruit offers? Scientists from Ben-Dor Fruits company in Israel have unveiled a genetically- engineered plum that packs a punch of 4 times the cancer-inhibiting anti-oxidants found in pomegranate seeds. One of their plums is called the Lamoon Plum — "it looks like a moonlit lemon," says the company website. Others are the Plumagranate or the Shark's Tooth plum (pictured). Ben-Dor's plums were showcased at Israel's international agricultural exhibition Agro-Mashov this month at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. Besides the plum, other new fruits and vegetables "designed" for better health were also exhibited. Would you take a bite out of one? ::Haaretz

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