87% of Americans Want Genetically Modified Foods Labeled (Infographic)

gmo infographicPROBAR/CC BY 2.0

Another good GMO infographic, in light of it being Non-GMO Month this October. It covers much of the same ground as previous infographics we have shared on the subject of genetically modified food, but there are some interesting facts presented in it that you may not have been aware of. (View it larger here)

Apropos of the recent march from New York City to Washington DC demanding labeling of genetically modified foods:

According to a CBS News poll, 87% of Americans want genetically modified ingredients labeled as such.

Remember that the, while GMO ingredients are labeled throughout Europe and in most of the world's industrialized nations, they are not mandated to be labeled in the US -- and their makers have lobbied heavily to prevent such labeling, biotech giant Monsanto being the most public of these but not the only one by far.

The same poll says 53% of people would not buy genetically modified food.

If you want to participate in Non-GMO Month, here's a calendar of events: Non-GMO Project

87% of Americans Want Genetically Modified Foods Labeled (Infographic)
Another good infographic, apropos of Non-GMO Month and labelling of genetically modified food: Apparently 87% of Americans want GM ingredients labeled & over half wouldn't buy them if they knew about them.

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