80,000 Baltimore Students Join Meatless Monday Movement

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By now you've probably heard that adopting a vegetarian diet, or at least cutting way down on you meat consumption, is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint and get some great health benefits at the same time. Now students in the Baltimore City Public School System will have a little help in doing that. The BCPS has begun participating in the Meatless Monday program, becoming the first school system in the country to do so, Forbes reports:Tony Geraci, chairman of BCPS says he hopes that by instituting the Meatless Monday program the system's 80,000 children will understand that there are other dietary options than meat and potatoes at every meal, and that Baltimore will lead the country in reconnecting our next generation with food cultivation and food preparation.

BCPS Establishes Teaching Farm, Plans School Gardens
Helping with that food education, the school system has been working with farmers to provide locally-grown produce. It has also begun a teaching farm and is developing building resources to establish gardens at each of the 200 schools in the Baltimore public school system.

In recognition of BCPS' efforts, the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future presented the school system with its 2009 Award for Visionary Leadership in Local Food Procurement and Food Education.

More: Meatless Monday (with a hat tip to Change.org)

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