8 Tomato Recipes for a Tasty Summer

Green Wine Guide Robert Hall Recipe: Guacamole
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I love tomatoes. Growing up, my father and I would eat them right off the vine, much to my mother's disapproval. Armed with only a salt shaker, I couldn't resist them as they seemed to ripen right before my eyes every Summer in the backyard garden. These eight recipes celebrate the tomato, such as bruschetta with mint and goat cheese, cherry tomato pizza, and the best damn guacamole you'll ever have!

Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes and Gorgonzola

Green Wine Guide Frog's Leap Recipe: Pizza
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Coming up with pizza combinations is one of my favorite past times, like this pear and caramelized fennel combo. How about beets, blue cheese and arugula? Getting creative is fun, but sometimes it is nice to stick to the basics.

Best Damn Guacamole Ever

For me, nothing is more Californian than Mexican food. I know that sounds odd but anytime I travel outside the state, it is the first thing I miss (after my cat).

Bruschetta with Mint and Goat Cheese

While bruschetta is usually made with basil, I chose mint to help keep the flavors a little lighter. By the way, bruschetta is pronounced like "brusketta", which I said incorrectly for many, many years.

Baked Spaghetti with Homemade Ricotta

This dish has a lot of moving parts but it can easily be simplified by substituting some of the from-scratch ingredients with your favorite store-bought items, such as the fresh ricotta cheese. However, once you make fresh ricotta cheese you will never return to the store for it! Never.

Italian Sandwich on Homemade Ciabatta

This ciabatta recipe is rather simple and you'll be lucky if there is any left for sammiches once you take it out of the oven -- it is that good! While I chose an Italian standard, feel free to mix it up: pear and basil, a portabella mushroom duxelle or just fresh ricotta with sage honey.

Easy One-Pan Mole Sauce

What's better than mole? In Mexico the dish is associated with celebrations such as weddings. While the traditional recipe can be quite intimidating, this recipe simplifies a few steps and has fewer dishes to wash in the end.

Simple and Savory Stuffed Peppers

I really love the flexibility of a stuffed pepper -- a simple addition to the stuffing can take the dish in a whole different direction. Instead of stuffing a pepper with tomatoes, how about just stuffing a tomato?

Indian-Spiced Tomato Soup

Close Up Indian Spiced Soup© Kevin Schuder
Photo by Kevin SchuderSure, no one wants hot soup on a warm Summer day. But if Summer turns out to be anything like Spring this year (more showers and less flowers), you'll want this recipe in your back pocket.Visit TreeHugger's Green Wine Guide for more green wineries, recipes and virtual tours.Follow the @GreenWineGuide or @JerryJamesStone on Twitter or fan us on Facebook.More Recipes from the Green Wine Guide
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