6 foods you never knew you could grill

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

The grill. It's a summertime staple and, with very little effort, it adds so much to any meal. I love experimenting with it. Here are some of my favorite, and tastiest, experiments, such as fire roasted avocados, grilled frisée salad, and grilled bruschetta. Enjoy!

1. Grilled Guacamole with Roasted Garlic

Grilling avocados seems to shock people more than any other grilled item we have done over at the Green Wine Guide. It adds such a nice, yet subtle, smokey flavor to any avocado dish. I suggest you top off your favorite fajitas with this guacamole, it is to-die-for.

2. Grilled Pear Bruschetta with Honey

I enjoy making bruschetta with other fruits because it seems to really surprise people. I guess they forget the tomato is a fruit. The challenge can be keeping it on the savory side. The grill is an excellent tool for doing that.

3. Grilled Strawberries Over Vanilla Ice Cream

With their brown sugar and balsamic glaze, these grilled strawberries are a great addition to almost any meal. Try them with your favorite salad or eat them right off the skewer, but first, try them with vanilla ice cream. Mmm!

4. Grilled Salad of Frisée, Grapes and Chèvre

This recipe was inspired by my good friend Michelle Kaufmann who took me to an Outstanding in the Field dinner where I had grilled romaine lettuce and it was amazing (like she is). The key is to grill it such that it just wilts and not any longer.

5. Grilled Fruit and Cheese Plate

This honey in this recipe comes from the Smart Home on display at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. It was designed by Michelle. I told you she is amazing!

6. Grilled Plums with Ginger-Balsamic Glaze

These plums are as savory as they are sweet and can be enjoyed by themselves or with ice cream. It's a perfect great "no fuss" side. Enjoy!

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