6 Crazy Low Carbon Cooking Techniques (Video)

DIY Wood-fired Pizza Oven
And for those of you wanting something a little more conventional, here's a neat video about building your own wood-fired pizza/bread oven. Of course the embodied energy in bricks, mortar and cement will take some time to recoup, but given that an oven like this should last for decades, it seems like an investment worth making. And if you want to go a greener route, clay makes a viable alternative to bricks and mortar - check out the ever informative Instructables for their guide on how to build your own clay oven.

Raw Food 'Cooking' - Creamy Avocado Soup
And finally, this couldn't really be a green cooking round up without posing the question - do you need to cook at all? I'm no raw foodist by any stretch of the imagination (pizza, roast chicken and warm apple pie being just a few of the reasons why I'm unlikely to convert any time soon), but eating more raw and minimally processed foods makes sense and feels good. For those new to raw food, Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen is as good a place as any to start - check out her video recipe above for a creamy avocado soup that sounds simply delicious, or check out Sara's introduction to the philosophy behind Ani's raw food diet.

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