50 Ways to Cut Your Food Bill

The funny thing about the endless consumer tips and suggestions in the papers and magazines for cutting your bills is that they all lead back to a greener life style. The root of these money-saving and penny-pinching lists is what treehuggers have been writing about and doing for a long time: less big brand consumerism, buying locally, growing your own, if possible, recycling and home cooking of good foods.

However, there are always some new gems to be found in the lists and here are a few. At the supermarket: Never shop on an empty stomach: shoppers buy up to 15 per cent more when they’re hungry. Don’t assume brand names are better . Try less well-known supermarkets. Walk when possible. Plan ahead and know what you need, clip coupons, use your left-overs for lunch and make stews and soups from the left-overs.


Cut down on junk food, and fill up on healthier foods. For example, whole grains in breads and pastas are better for us and more filling. Eat less meat by using Asian and Indian recipes which mix vegetables and meat. Know when it's worth paying extra for organic. Milk, eggs and chicken are worth the expense and anything grown in soil tends to hold pesticide residue as do apples, celery, lettuce, pears and strawberries.

Eat sitting down, at the table. That way you eat what's on your plate, not endless snacking. Only buy seasonal foods. :: Off-Grid

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