5 Ways to Green Your Halloween Candy Fix

halloween candy image

Embarrassing fact: Well before working at TreeHugger, I’d spend Halloween night secretly hoping trick or treat-ers wouldn’t come to my door so I could have more candy left over for moi. Mini-Twizzlers and Snickers ranked as my all time faves. Then I found out about the horror of high fructose corn syrup, the fright of un-fairly traded chocolate and other un-sustainable sugar scares. Halloween went from being a sweet personal indulgence to a depressingly, somber affair.

Whether your concern is your own personal health, the health of the planet, or that of your little goblin sugar-mongers—or all of the above—take a holistic approach this Halloween (and still bask in indulgent fun) by handing out organic, fair trade, and intelligently packaged candy. TreeHugger’s archive offers a bounty of green goodie ideas but to keep things simple, we’ve compiled five ways to green your Halloween candy fix in our newly dispatched TreeHugger Holiday Guides page. It offers a plethora of green tips for Halloween and festivities beyond!

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