5 Reasons to Learn About Eating Insects with GirlMeetsBug

Girl meets bug prepares waxworm tacos in episode one at www.girlmeetsbug.com photo

Image: Girlmeetsbug.com

Our recent report suggesting that eating bugs is the answer to reducing our protein footprint met with mixed response. That is why we are not suggesting that you check out Girlmeetsbug.com to learn how you can join the insect-eating revolution. Not at all. There are much better reasons to hop over to to Daniella Martin's website.

Reason 1: Talent in Front of a Camera
While an insect cooking/travel show bends the traditional format, if you enjoy the highly popular chef shows and dinner party game shows, you will like Girl Meets Bug. Daniella has presence and poise as she takes viewers step-by-step through the newest buggy meal plan.

Reason 2: Passion
You shouldn't miss Girl Meets Bug simply because it is great entertainment. Daniella writes with humor, flair, and panache. Her funny and flippant tone lures you to learn about adventurous eating. Her earnest interest in sharing her research in eating adventures deserves respect.

Reason 3: Curiousity
You know how everyone just has to slow down to gawk at an accident? Watching Daniella's step-by-step videos on how to prepare delicious bug meals, you will enjoy the same sense of simultaneous repulsion and curiousity.

Reason 4: LOLbugs
Awwww cute. If your stomach is turning just a bit, you can relax with some cute bug pictures. Where do caterpillars find shoes to match their flamboyant outfits? Is this the buggy equivalent of those smiling pigs and chickens that grin at us from the sides of 18-wheelers on the road to the slaughterhouse?

Reason 5: Be Bold
There was a time when people would have considered a girl in a bikini an outrageous affront to civilized conduct. There was a time when bleeding with leeches by a doctor splattered in the blood of his many patients was considered great medical care. Fashions change over time. Bold people lead the new trends. Could it be that after watching enough episodes of an impressive talent sharing her fascination for insect cuisine, eating bugs could start to seem normal? Oops. Gotcha.

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