40 Tons of Life in One Acre of Soil: Geoff Lawton on the Magic of Soil (Video)

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Image credit: Permaculture Science

Whether learning that I am only 10% human, 90% bacteria, or musing on the concept of composting as animal husbandry, my life has taken a decidedly microbial turn of late. And not without good reason. As the video below argues in no uncertain terms, we owe our very existence to the tiniest of beings around. You'll be astounded at quite how many there are under your feet—assuming you are standing on some healthy soil, that is.I already posted the trailer for Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Soils DVD. but now the movie has been released, I make no apology for following it up with this excerpt about just how much life there is in our soils.

As Geoff explains, here can be as much as 40 tons of life actively at work in an acre of soil, and let's not forget that that life is almost completely restricted to the top few inches of top soil. Think about that next time you rent out a rototiller, then maybe give no dig gardening a try...

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