3D print your pizza with the Foodini home printer

© Natural Machines via Designboom

Designboom points to the latest in 3D printing for the home, for people who love things like fresh pasta. But hardly anyone makes it anymore, as Lynette Kucsma, CMO and co-founder of Natural Machines, notes in the BBC video:

A great example is ravioli. When you make ravioli you have to put a layer of pasta, a layer of filling, then another layer of pasta again. Now I don't know about you, but I haven't made home-made ravioli in ages."

Or how about never. The Foodini 3D food printer will do that for you, or make pizza, or even print out a veggie burger for you. It is under development by Natural Machines in Barcelona.

This is interesting, because it is not just about pushbutton food, it is about bringing back into the home those things, like fresh pasta, that people gave up on years ago, happy to buy the dried stuff, sacrificing flavor for convenience. It's about promoting home cooking, not replacing it. Designboom notes:

The Foodini is intended as a domestic device, and looks aesthetically clean in the house, while managing the time consuming parts of handmade food preparation that often discourage people from cooking at home, like rolling pasta dough, filling individual ravioli, and crafting cookie silhouettes.

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