2007 Word of the Year: "Locavore"


On the tip of many a TreeHugging tongue over the past year, the word "locavore" -- along with the accompanying philosophy for sourcing eats from your local foodshed, or from within 100 miles -- has made a big splash in 2007. Big enough that the Oxford University Press unveiled it as 2007's Word of the Year in the New Oxford American Dictionary. Like carbon neutral last year, this year's inclusion serves to both validate the word and accompanying lifestyle and officially elevate "locavore" as a zeitgeist of 2007.

The phenomenon started by four San Francisco women beat out "upcycling" (the big brother of "recycling") and "colony collapse disorder" (affecting bee populations worldwide this year), among others, to take the top prize and win inclusion in our cultural lexicon. Will a green theme come out on top for a third year in a row in 2008? We can only guess yes...::Oxford University Press via ::Locavores

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